What is facebook monitoring tool? Best Practices social media monitoring tools facebook

What is facebook monitoring tool? Best Practices social media monitoring tools facebook

On 25th May 2022

What is facebook monitoring tool? Best Practices social media monitoring tools facebook

You just establish a company. You want to promote your product or service. But your budget is still low? All you need is the social listening facebook tool. A tool to help you collect customer data, help you contact directly through facebook group to promote products.

1.How is facebook monitoring tool works?

Facebook monitoring tool is social media monitoring facebook to search for mentions of predefined keywords. It lets you follow each post and mention have your keyword on facebook group.

What keywords this tool tracking? In business, they could be connected to: your product, your service, your company, industry.

Also, Facebook monitoring software have plenty of analytical features that get data and insights about monitored keywords.

Thanks to analytics you can draw the right conclusions and implement them into your business strategy.

Many users use this tool find relevant conversations, contact with consumer directly, advertise their product or service online free.

2.How to use facebook monitoring tool

When it comes to technical aspects, in simple word, Facebook monitoring apps use something like a robot to crawl in facebook group with tracking of predefined keywords. 

To me, there are three step to use monitoring app:

  • Starting. First of all, it starts with a keyword. You need to provide the keywords related your product/service. There’s often an advanced set-up with required and excluded keywords that can be used to make your query even more specific. 
  • Collecting. Secondly, the tool collects mentions into after 24h. The software will find all about your keywords in facebook groups.
  • Analyzing.Your facebook groups will appear in the tool. It depends on a tool, as different tools analyze different data. Some tools analyze metrics of volume, engagement, reach, sentiment, and influence of market.

3.How can you do with database from facebook monitoring tool

There are many ways to use facebook spy monitor. Here are a few things you can do with database from facebook social media monitoring tool

-Monitoring customer have real demand with products– Find out where your audience is talking about products you are selling. Learn more about the type of audience that you have. See what your audience really care about which product.

-Analyze competitors – resesearch about their product/service, their advantage and disadvantage.

-You can contact directly with customer through facebook nick in messager, convince them to buy your products.

-Tracking attitude of people about your brand or company name – Find out where your audience is talking about you and distribute more content and ads there. Learn more about the type of audience that you have. See what your audience is saying about you and manage your reputation.

4.List of facebook social media monitoring app you should use

In the internet, there are many facebook social media monitoring software for you choosing. Depending on your budget and your purpose, you can choose the suitable facebook spy app free

1., the best facebook monitoring tool

Socialexpert  is facebook social media monitoring tool to help users collect data of potential consumers in facebook groups. Socialexpert has many benefit:

-Facebook group monitoring tool of socialexpert is great for both public and private groups without admin right.

-The good choice for limitation finance business. The price is reasonable, just from 10$-30$/month

-Alerting 100 keywords and 1000 facebook groups.

-Working in 24/7, have notification when have new post and comments.

-Professional and experienced staff give advices for your development company.


- Follow up on positive comments from your brand ambassadors & respond to a dissatisfied customer before the story gets ahead of you.

-You will be used this facebook monitoring tool free in 14 days.

-The price is with $49-249/month


-Service: Keywords to track (with daily updates) ,Keyword, domain and backlink analytics, Historical data, Content Marketing Platform, Google Data Studio Integration, Share of Voice metric, API Access.

- The price with 119$-449$

-Free social media monitoring tool trial in 7 days

I have share experience about facebook monitoring posts for you. In my opinion,you should try this tool to reach more customers. It’s very helpful to track online conversations about your company, conduct brand sentiment analysis. I hope you know how to monitor a Facebook account.