What can facebook developer tools help for kitchen tools and equipment business

What can facebook developer tools help for kitchen tools and equipment business

On 7th May 2022

What can facebook developer tools help for kitchen tools and equipment business

During the covid season,  many people scare spreading the disease, so they want to stay at home more. Many kitchen products are sought, especially for people don’t have time to cook before, covid period is the time to buy kitchen tools and equipment. Therefore, the idea to establish ​​cooking products business during the epidemic season will help shop owners have the huge of revenue. If you want to start this idea, read the article to know the way using facebook developer tools to create a successful kitchen tools and equipment business.

I. How should you start a business with facebook developer tools?

1. First, focus on category of product. Many customers focus on using modern and convenient kitchen tools and equipment.

Product you should sell include: ovens, ventilators, aprons, oven mitts, pots and pans (all sizes) with lids, spoons for mixing and tasting, knives, bowls mixer, tongs, baking pan, roasting pan, gas stove, infrared cooker, induction cooker, refrigerator, air fryer.

2. Plan online media marketing.

Your potential market is housewives or women. If you have good financial ability, use many parallel marketing methods at the same time. Building online shopping channels is also a way to help your customers buy products more easily in the technology age.

3.Using facebook developer tools

If your financial size is small, you should use facebook developer tools. This is a tool that can help you contact customers directly to introduce products without through intermediaries. Using tool is both effective and cost-savings.

II. The benefits of facebook developer tools

Facebook developer tools are very suitable for customers with low budget. With only hundreds of dollars, you can use the tool with many different functions.

- Facebook developer tools help you alert facebook groups based on existing keywords. You can track comments or posts have keywords. You can find customers asking to buy kitchen tools and equipment. You can reply under facebook nick to introduce the goods.

- Facebook developer tools can alert hundreds of thousands of different groups with low cost.

-Every time there is a new announcement or comment, the tool will notify you

-You do not need to provide admin rights.

III. The most famous facebook developer tools for choosing


Let's see some service in Socialexpert:

-Monitor any facebook groups customer want

-Have good analysis about market, society

-Supporting in many west countries.

-The Price: 10$-30$



2. Hootsuite app

-The price: 49$-129$/month

-Help customer track keyword in Facebook, google

-Tracking review about your brands

-Send reports by PDF

- In-dash live chat support

-Reputology is the review monitoring and management platform that helps businesses monitor, respond to, and analyze their online reviews

-Analyzing customer target. The tool can find review and feedback about market, products.

-The price: 25$-110$

The epidemic season make many companies close down and lose a lot of money. However, this is also an opportunity for you to start a kitchen tools and equipment business, a pretty good idea for you to open a store. Don't forget facebook developer tools to successfully overcome the covid season.