The way using Facebook monitoring tool to build business plan body wash products

The way using Facebook monitoring tool to build business plan body wash products

On 13th May 2022

The way using Facebook monitoring tool to build business plan body wash products

Business body wash products such as shampoo, shower gel, soap, hand sanitizer is expanding. Now, the online selling form is chosen by many people to start a business. Let's study about  some effective experiences with using Facebook monitoring tool  in this article to apply for yourself right away!

1. Experience using Facebook monitoring tool to sell body wash products

First when selling body wash products, build a plan and strategy for the business.

The basic steps in building a business strategy include:

Step 1: Learn and understand the information about the product, such as which brand's shampoo, shower gel, soap and hand sanitizer, ingredients in products.

Step 2: Identify target customers, determine customer needs. For example, you need to buy clean anti-dandruff shampoo, prevent hair loss or buy a shower gel for sensible skin.

Step 3: Analyze your competitors. Let’s research about stores that sell the same your products

Step 4: Set a specific goal to achieve about revenue and profit

Step 5: Choose tools and implementation methods to achieve the goal. You should open an online business store in facebook because this is a way to help you save a lot of capital costs.

Step 6: Determine the budget

Step 7: Implement the plan

First of all, to complete steps 1,2,3 you need to use Facebook monitoring tool to understand more about customers. This tool will help you find customer needs on facebook group, and at the same time understand the market.

2.Information about Facebook monitoring tool

Facebook monitoring tool is a monitoring tool through facebook group. It has many different names : facebook group tracking , facebook group insights , facebook group analytics. This tool helps you to track keywords in facebook groups.

Facebook monitoring tool help you monitor comment and post related to keyword in facebook groups. By observing those comments or posts, you can find customers asking to buy products, then contact them through facebook nick to convince them to buy.

How to use Facebook monitoring tool ? You just need to add facebook groups with keywords shower gel, shampoo. After waiting 24 hours, type the keyword in the toolbar, the facebook groups will appear.

3. Websites with Facebook monitoring tool you should use


-The Facebook monitoring tool works 24/7 in Socialexpert will notify every time keywords are mentioned in comment and post in any Facebook group.

-The price is from 10$-30$

- Service allows businesses to be more reliable, flexible, and scalable. They help improve communication and make sense of massive amounts of data.


-Reputology help tracking, respond and analyze the online review and management platform

-Determine customer target. The tool can find review and feedback about market, products.

-The price: 29$-49$/month

3. Hootsuite app

-The price: 49$-129$/month

-Help users monitor keyword in Facebook, google

-Monitoring review online in the Internet

-Send reports frequently

-The experienced staff will consult every where

The article provided the basic experiences you need when selling body wash products with Facebook monitoring tool in general. To be effective and successful for yourself, you need to study each steps in detail to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge to support your business. Good luck!