Sharing experience about using facebook group admin tools in Dietary Supplement business

Sharing experience about using facebook group admin tools in Dietary Supplement business

On 17th May 2022

Sharing experience about using facebook group admin tools in Dietary Supplement business

Due to concerns about health after being infected with Covid-19, the number of people buy dietary supplement increase and many dietary supplement brands appeared. If you want to start a dietary supplement business, this is a convinient opportunity you should not miss. However, when starting a functional food business, how to do the best, and most successful business to bring so much profit is always the thing that makes sellers always worry . Therefore, I consider selling supplements online, both reaching many customers and minimize capital costs. In this article, I would like to share some dietary supplement business experiences with the facebook group admin tool.

I/Why should we use facebook group admin tool when trading dietary supplement?

First of all, we should define what functional food is? Functional food is a form of food produced from plants and animals that brings many benefits to human health. Functional foods are not drugs and cannot replace medicines. Besides that, selling functional foods need a business license.

Currently, if you want to advertise a dietary supplement, you must have a business registration certificate with a health certificate along with many others certificate such as a Certificate of Hygiene and Safety of functional foods, Certificate of Food Safety and Health, adapts standard of competent state agencies. This can be frustrating in the process prepare certification and slow down your business plan. So I suggest you to use facebook group admin tool to make your business easier, save a lot of time and have the opportunity to attract more customers.

II.How can facebook group admin tool help you?

1. Facebook group admin tool to help you to reach potential customers

Reaching customers has never been easy, especially for people start to sell online. Therefore, Facebook group admin tool helps to study the buying and consumption behavior of the potential customers you identified. Type the keyword dietary supplement on the toolbar, the mentions and facebook groups containing the keyword dietary supplement appear. You just need to track the customer's mentions to find out what dietary supplement  they really want to buy, which kind of dietary supplement are bought the most. This will help you find the fastest and most effective ways to promote the marketing of products to customers.

2.Facebook group admin tool to increase order rate

Advertising in facebook channel is both time consuming and has a low order rate. When advertising through facebook , you are hard to reach customers because some people just finished reading the ad and skimmed through. When you use the facebook group admin tool to alert facebook groups or mentions, you can get the facebook nick of customers who have commented on the product, then contact them through messeger to guide them to order. Such direct communication will make more customers buy your products.

III. How can use facebook group admin tool?

I will give you example about using facebook group admin tool in

1. Go to website and choose the price you want.

step 1


2. Complete information in blank area and click summit.

buoc 2step 2


3.Find and add group has keyword dietary supplement. Click to add group, provide ID of facebook groups, Name, Category, Privacy, Status. And click summit, that groups will appear

4.After 24 hours, the tool will alert facebook groups with dietary supplement. Let's type keywords in searchbar and you will see facebook groups had keywords appears.


The article that I just shared has introduced to you the experience of using facebook group admin tool to sell functional foods online. I hope they will bring to you useful information. Thank you for following the content. Good luck with your business!