Secret successful ecommerce sales with facebook group insights tool

Secret successful ecommerce sales with facebook group insights tool

On 27th Apr 2022

Secret successful ecommerce sales with facebook group insights tool

thuong mai dien tu

Selling online is interested in by many shop owners or businesses.  This is also known as the most popular form of online business today following the modern industrial revolution. The major e-commerce platforms in Vietnam are Tiki, Lazada, shopee, amazon, ebay, ... If you want to establish a store in ecommerce exchange, how to increase more customer to buying your goods with the limited finance. Let’s try facebook group insights tool , a tracking keywords tool in facebook groups bring many benefits for your ecommerce store in ecommerce exchange.

1.Mistakes of sellers when starting ecommerce selling

When starting selling products in ecommerce exchange, not many customers know about your brand. Shop owners contact with ecommerce exchange to find  promoting services or they are seft-promotion. The price of  advertisement up to thousands dollars. However, some shop owners didn’t receive good results. We should find the reason why their ecommerce selling failed.

-Customers don’t buy their products anymore so they don’t have any impression with about your brands. Customer usually like familiar brands so they don’t care about new brands except your brand have special characteristic.

-Don’t research about potential customer before selling. One of the factors that determine success of selling on the e-commerce exchange is the study of customer behavior. Because they don’t study about customers, their ads can’t approach to right people really care about their products.

To improve your sales, you should use facebook group insights tool. Let’s see what this tool can help you.

2. Advantages of facebook group insights tool in ecommerce selling.

Facebook group insights tool tool  is also called by diffirent names: facebook keyword alert tool, Facebook monitoring tool, facebook advanced search tools , facebook group admin tool, Facebook group analytics tool.

-Facebook group insights tool  help monitor keywords related to products through facebook groups. This tool follow comments and posts in facebook groups, help users unsderstand demands of customers. Store owners can base on information to approach with customers care about products, savings a lot of time.

- Facebook group insights tool  help you increase sales order. You can collect nick facebooks, and introduce your products directly, talking and convince customers to buy products.

-Facebook group insight tool spent little money, maximum is 200$/month. You can follow a lot of groups with various features of the tool.  



3. Facebook group insight tool for you references.

Every Facebook group insight tool has different price and service. You can choose the tool suitable with your products and abilities. with facebook groups alert services. You can try free in 3 days. After that, you just spent 10$ to summit services: 10 Facebook open groups, 30 keywords, 500 Emails notification/month

- Ddevi with the price 49.5$/month. You will use free in 14 days. The maximum price is 99$.

-Mention  with the price 29$/month. You will be free with service: 1 alert, 1,000 mentions, 3 social accounts, 1 user.

If you want more, let’s summit with 29$ to 199$.

Facebook group insight tool is the way to help you sell more products with high revenue and big conversion. Many sellers and company used this tools and become successful. Don’t wait and let’s try now.