The secret to starting a shoes business with facebook group analytics

The secret to starting a shoes business with facebook group analytics

On 25th Jun 2022

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1) The secret to starting a shoes business with facebook group analytics

There are many young people who want to start their own business, open a shoes store of their own. But starting a shoes business when you have no experience will be a huge challenge. Follow Socialexpert's articles for useful information about using analytics facebook group tool to get success.

1.1) 1.Using facebook group analytics tool for successful shoes business

Business shop owners in general and online shoe business in particular always face a lot of problems, such as:

• Not being quick to follow consumer trends in terms of color, design and quality;

• Not knowing how to find a variety of sources with beautiful products at reasonable prices to meet the needs of buyers; as well as reputable footwear suppliers, have ability to meet urgent orders.

• Need a lot of capital to import goods in large quantities, because when importing less, the price is often higher, so there is not much profit, or it is difficult to compete with other competitors;

• Do not know how to take advantage of marketing channels to attract potential customers and retain them for a long time;

• Constantly having inventory, have to pay costs for inventory management and not knowing how to dispose of these inventory products.

So how to solve the above difficulties to promote business further? That is, use the analytics facebook group tool. The fb group manager tool will help you analyze market trends and customer needs through database collection.

1.2) 2.What are the benefits of Facebook group analytics for the shoes business?

Group analytics facebook  is a tool to search keywords in facebook group. First of all, you should find out keywords related to the product you are selling, such as leather shoes, fashion shoes,  sandals, high heels, sneakers, bata shoes, etc. Then type those keywords. to the toolbar of facebook analytics for group tool . You will find out information about customers and markets through mentions and conversations on facebook groups. Remember not every customer buy cheap shoes or needs good quality shoes. You have to sell the customer a pair of shoes that the customer really needs and fits. By observing the data that has been tracked through facebook group top posts, you will know the following information:

• Age Customers buy shoes

• Client's occupation

• Average monthly income

• Cost to buy 1 product

• Customers have any special requirements: product price, good quality or design,,….

Based on that information, you should prepare the products which is suitable with the wishes of the customers you want to target to avoid the case of import the wrong product leading to slow sales and inventory. Please choose Socialexpert's facebook group analytics tool to make your shoes business more convenient.

1.3) 3. Reasons you should choose facebook group analytics at Socialexpert

-Socialexpert tracked thousands of facebook groups and can track any facebook group you need.

-Hundreds mentions tracking over 24hours

-Thousand keyword Socialexpert can alert

-Using facebook group analytics free in 3 days next you just pay 10-30$/month

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2) Let's see some review about facebook group insights 2022 tool of Socialexpert:

1.Anthony: I found 100 discussions and contacted 80 customers buy products

2.Samatha: facebook group analytics tool in Socialexpert help me find more information about customer and improve the sales strategy

3.Amanda: This is an owesome tool help me save a lot of money because I establish startups with limited capital

Quickly register to use facebook group analytics tool on website and try free in 3 days. I wish you success and sell many profitable products. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] for instructions.

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