Idea business in covid period with facebook advanced search tool

Idea business in covid period with facebook advanced search tool

On 4th May 2022

Idea business in covid period with facebook advanced search tool

The Covic epidemic become more and more complicated and tends to increase quickly. Instead of shopping at stores, supermarkets, commercial centers, etc., people want to online shopping and products will be delivered to home.

Finding an online business idea and determining what products to sell online is very important, especially during the Covid epidemic period. During the Covid epidemic, how can you do to earn money online? How to make a lot of profit during the economic crisis due to consequence of covid epidemic. In this article, I will propose  some suitable online selling ideas during the pandemic covid and how to attract customers with facebook advanced search tool.

1. Products are easy to sell online in covid periods

1.Covid prevention products: Medical masks, hand sanitizer gel, antiseptic alcohol , covid test kits which are sought the most on the market. Faced with the rise of epidemic situation, wearing a mask and using disinfectant products is one of the effective solutions to prevent covid. Therefore, the demand for medical products has increased significantly.

2. Kitchen tools and equipment: such as refrigerators, gas stoves, pots, cups, plates, cooking utensils. Because of covid epidemic, many people like stay at home with fear of spreading the disease. Many families cook at home for safety and savings money, so many people buy kitchen tool and equipment.

3. House cleaning products: Floor cleaner, toilet cleaner. Because of the fear of spreading the covid virus, house cleaning is focused. Orders for these products also increased.

4. Body wash products: shampoo, shower gel, hand sanitizer. Currently, every time people return home, they have to bathe because they think bathing will clean the virus from public places, especially many hand sanitizer products  are bought

5. Covid Protective products such as medical protective clothing, anti-drop glasses. The number of Covid-19 infections is also constantly increasing, cause a lot of  pressure for pretenting covid. In order to control the epidemic, especially to prevent the spread in the community, many countries use the medical protective clothing and face sheld for medical staff.

6. Dietary Supplement such as vitamins, herbal. Due to concerns about health after being infected with Covid-19, many brands dietary supplement appeared. The prices of these products is hundreds dollar.

7. Entertainment products such as  books, laptops, ipads, etc. During the epidemic, few people don’t want to go out because they scare gathering. So the demand for home entertainment increased. People use TV or ipad to watch movies online, some people like to read books.

2.How to increase profits with facebook advanced search tool.

In addition to choosing the right product, you should pay attention to attracting customers to increase profits. Of course, this is not easy in difficult economic times when many people to lose their job due to the impact of the covid epidemic.

To get more customers to buy, you should pay attention to the use of facebook advanced search tool.

Facebook advanced search tool has many name:  facebook keyword alert tool Facebook monitoring tool , facebook keyword tracking tool, facebook group admin tool , Facebook group analytics toolfacebook group insights tool 

Facebook advanced search tool help you alert in facebook groups have keywords of products which you are selling. You can follow users commented and posted, reply to introduce your brand. Let’s note the nick facebook of users and contact them to introduce products.

3. Let’s try facebook advanced search tool in socialexpert websites

Socialexpert is the most using tool in all over the world. When summit to use alert tool in socialexpert, you will enjoy the good quality services: get idea inside, guide, communication, get alert many keywords and facebook groups, analytics data, supporting in many different areas. The price is so reasonable, you can choose the price from 10$-20$.

I will guide you the using facebook advanced search tool of socialexpert

1.Go to the link: and choose the price you want


2. Register your plan and click summit. Provide information in blank area, consist of: facebook group link, keyword you want to alert, your contact and payment.

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3. Your facebook groups have keywords will be added to the tool

4. You sign in to the account, type keyword in the tool bar, you will see comment and post in facebook group you added.

I have suggested you some business ideas during the pandemic with a small capital. Depending on your finance ability, you can find an suitable product. Remember to use the facebook advanced search tool to make your business more convenient.