How to use facebook group tracking tool to support Affiliate Marketing

How to use facebook group tracking tool to support Affiliate Marketing

On 19th Apr 2022


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1) How to use facebook monitoring tool to support Affiliate Marketing

Many people are earning money from Affiliate Marketing . Affiliate Marketing is introducing person to products on your website online, and when that person buys a product based on your referral, you get a commission. But now more and more people are also earning money from Affiliate. Affiliate  Marketing is no longer a delicious piece of cake. To increase your competition, you should use the facebook monitoring tool

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2) How does Facebook monitoring tool support Affiliate Marketing  ?

In the past, for Affiliate Marketing to be successful, many people had to build an beautiful website and run ads, SEO so that many people knew about your website, clicked on your website link to buy products and you would receive a commission. However, this method is only suitable to individuals who work for a long time and have a large budget. And if you are just an office worker want to earn more income, you should not apply the traditional online marketing. Try using the Facebook monitoring tool

Facebook group tracking tool has many name: facebook advanced search, facebook group insights, facebook group analytics, Facebook monitoring tool, facebook developer tools

Using the Facebook group tracking tool to monitor facebook groups with keywords related to your product. When someone comments on those facebook groups, please write down your facebook nick and contact through message to send your product link. The number of customers and commissions you will increase monthly. Not only that, the cost is lower than spending money on running ads/ SEO.

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3)  Socialexpert, the most effective Facebook monitoring tool today

Socialexpert  is the Facebook monitoring tool that received the most good review for the following reasons:

-With keywords, socialexpert can track any group, including posts, comments and notifications will appear when there is any comment conversation on facebook group.

-Socialexpert tracks both private and public group, you won’t need admin rights, and socialexpert won’t use your facebook account.

-Reasonable price: you will get 3 days free, then you only need to spend 10$/month.

- 24/7 operation time, the tool can track hundreds of keywords and thousands of groups within 24 hours

-Good advices: for inexperienced customers, socialexpert staff is ready to consult market trends, demand of consumer and keywords which is suitable for the products you are selling.

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4)  Contact using Facebook monitoring tool of Socialexpert

If you have demands to use facebook group tracking tool, please contact us in 2 ways:

-Email: [email protected]

-Fanpage :

If you want to try, please signing up for a free 3-day trial in the following link:

Step 1: Select the free 3 days frame, click get start

Facebook group tracking tool


Step 2: Fill in the blanks, including: personal information, keyword of products on your websites, facebook groups you want to track.

Facebook group tracking tool using Facebook group tracking tool


Step 3: Click summit

using Facebook group tracking tool

Socialexpert provide quality and various services to customers. Let’s try using socialexpert's Facebook group tracking tool for 1 month. You will definitely see the results immediately.



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