How to promote roofer services to customers by using facebook developer tools

How to promote roofer services to customers by using facebook developer tools

On 23rd Apr 2022

How to promote roofer services to customers by using facebook developer tools

When society develops, the need to build houses and buildings is increasing. Many construction services appeared, especially roofer construction services. Because the roof is an important element for the beauty of the house or construction works, the roof  construction service is focused during the construction process. Although there are many construction companies, not many companies know the promoting way for their services and spend a lot of money on useless advertising. Therefore, I would like to introduce the facebook developer tools, which are both low cost and highly effeciency, supporting construction businesses in brand promotion .

1. First, I will talk about some mistakes when promoting roofer services of construction companies.

-Low awareness:

Not many people care about the construction area like other industries food and drink, because the demand building houses is often for high incomes people. So search for construction services and roofer on the internet is limited.

- Reaching the wrong target customers:

Because the segment of customers with high income have demands to find construction services is quite narrow. Many companies often spend money into both traditional marketing like handing out flyers and online advertising  with SEO, Facebook. But they didn’t attract many viewers and can not promote their services to potential customers.

 -Difficulties to convince customers: because the field of construction and roofer service need to be spent a lot of money so many customer hesitate spending, leading to a low rate sales.

Facebook developer tools will help you find customer data very clearly, regularly updating. It will provide reports and market analysis to help businesses have promotion strategies that are more suitable for target customers.

2. Facebook developer tools of Socialexpert help roofer service company increase business efficiency

Facebook developer tools is also called by diffirent names: facebook keyword alert tool , facebook group insights, facebook group analytics, Facebook monitoring tool, facebook advanced search tools.

Facebook developer tools at help you find the right data, do the right research through facebook groups. You just provide keywords related to roofer or construction services, Facebook developer tools will help you alert hundreds of thousands of groups. Posts and comments on facebook groups will help businesses understand the needs and characteristics of customers, to promote the right potential customers. Tool users can directly contact customers in facebook nick, convincing them to use the service.

The price at Socialexpert is quite cheap, only 10$-30$/month with the ability to follow hundreds and thousands of groups within 24 hours. If you have doubts, try it for free within 3 days to enjoy the quality of the tool.


3. Instructions for using Socialexpert's facebook developer tools

Step 1: Please contact a Socialexpert consultant in 2 ways:

  -Email: [email protected]


Step 2: Provide keywords related to roofers service or construction. If you want to research more keywords, Socialexpert staff is ready to advice suitable keywords.

Step 3: Before starting to use the facebook developer tools . Let’s add groups that contains the keywords you want to track.

add groupadd group

Step 4: After 24 hours, type the keywords of roofer or building on the toolbar, you will see facebook groups containing the keywords appear.

I hope the above information will help you better understand about Socialexpert's facebook developer tools. Besides, the solutions Socialexpert provided will help you promote and  sales successfully.