How facebook group analytics can support SEO agency?

How facebook group analytics can support SEO agency?

On 26th Apr 2022

How facebook group analytics tool can support SEO agency?

Nowadays, 80 percent of people buy online in the internet so business have to develop their brand online to attract customers. When buying products, customers usually find information in google first. To help customer find information easily, more and more companies build and advertise their websites. To increase competition ability, company take SEO, to push their websites to the top lead to appearance of SEO agencies.

 First, SEO agencies develop very well because SEO is the hot trend. After that, many competitor agencies appeared to make sales become less. After covid desease, when businesses bankrupted, sales orders of SEO agency decrease quickly. To solve this difficulty, I propose using facebook group analytics tool increase more customer rates.

1.What about Facebook group analytics tool can help for SEO agency?

-Facebook group analytics tool is also called by diffirent names: facebook keyword alert tool , facebook group insights , facebook group analytics, Facebook monitoring tool, facebook advanced search tools , facebook group admin tools

- Facebook group analytics tool help SEO agency collect database of potential customer in facebook groups. You just add facebook groups has keywords related to SEO or digital marketing. After 24h, when you type the SEO keywords in the search bars, the tool will alert comments or posts related to SEO of customers really want to find SEO services. User will contact with those people and introduce services.

-You just spend a little money on Facebook group analytics tool. Every month, you have to pay from dozens to hundred dollars. You can track hundreds to thousands groups. And the tool will notify when some people mention or post in facebook groups.

2.You should use Socialexpert, the wonderful Facebook group analytics tool

- Socialexpert is the facebook group analytics tool help you track keywords in facebook groups.

-The price in Socialexpert is only from 10$-30$/month. Especially, you can try Socialexpert in 3 days.

-You can alert in both private group and open group without provide information of account.

-Socialexpert provide reports and insights of customer.

- 24/7 operation time, the took can track hundreds of keywords and thousands of groups within 24 hours

-Employees of Socialexpert will give good advices for your company reduce mistakes.

-Tracking keyword in many area:  affiliate , marketingbrands  , real estate , medicianinsurance agents , roofers , food ,  ecommerce , cryptocurrency , electronics 

3. Instruction about Socialexpert

Step 1: Choose the price you want.

the price

Step 2: Complete information in blank area and click summit.

buoc 2


buoc 2.2


Step 3: Find and add group has keyword: SEO. Click to add group, provide ID of facebook groups, Name, Category, Privacy, Status. And click summit, that groups will appears

Step 4: After 24 hours, the tool will alert facebook groups with SEO keywords. Let’s type keywords in searchbar and you will see facebook groups had keywords appears.



I believed that my solution will help you pass impact of covid and find a lot of customers. The media and advertising change very quickly, so you must use facebook group analytics tool to increase advantages in market.