How did I develop a suscessful brand with facebook keyword alert tool?

How did I develop a suscessful brand with facebook keyword alert tool?

On 6th Apr 2022

How did I develop a suscessful brand with facebook keyword alert tool?

I  started a small  selling online courses companies. I just entered the market with short time. However, I had many difficulties when developing the brand. I did not attract many  customers with limited finance. Finally, I found a solution to increase brand awareness, increase business efficiency and develop brand more. I used facebook keyword alert tool. Listen to my career progress.

  1. In the first days of developing a brand, I solved the difficulties with the facebook keyword alert tool

First of all, I would like to mention the difficulties that I got when developing brands.

1. Ranking on the internet : the promotion of online courses over the internet is very popular. Many companies have been promoted their brands through the internet. My business was not appeard in the top rankings so it is difficult to attract customers and affect brand development.

2.Finance: To improve my ranking on the internet and attract many customers know about my company's brand, I have to spend a lot of money for marketing and PR campaigns, hire professional marketing services

 3.Competitors: other companies and brands have similar marketing and PR campaign. Some brands with strong finance have attracted many customers who are already used to their products before.

I have spent 5000 USD on SEO to increase rankings on google and promote my brand on facebook. But the efficiency I received is not high as I want. I was constructed with another business which sell products for mother and baby . She had the same difficult at first, but after using the facebook keyword alert tool , a great tool for direct interaction with customers, her brand has grown rapidly after 6 months,  get many orders from competitors.

  1. Everything facebook keyword alert tool and it’s benefits

Facebook group alert tool have many different name : facebook monitoring tool , facebook group tracking , facebook group insights , facebook group analytics.

The facebook keyword alert tool is a tool to help users track potential customers in facebook groups with related keywords, when they commented  about the product, the user of keyword alert  service knows and immediately contact the customer in that group to introduce the brand and advise using products. I used this tool to get database of consumer who want to learn cooking or  graphic design on covid periods. This tool helps me reach customers who really have demands, increasing the number of customers who sign up for the course. Then more people know my brand on the internet.

Compared to the previous advertising and PR campaign in the internet, using of facebook keyword alert tool is much more effective. I spent thousands dollar for ads running, but my brand position was lower than competitors who entered the market earlier than me. Some big competitors with strong finance resources spent more on promotion, so the number of customers reaching them is high, and my brand only reaches 90% costumers compared with attention. After using the tool for 1 year, the number of customers know my brand more, the profit increased by 40%. Meanwhile, the investment cost is only 30% compared to previous online facebook ads and SEO. It’s surprising.

Do you know where I used that magical tools. It's from Socialexpert.

3. Socialexpert-the best quality facebook keyword alert tool

My business friend introduced me to socialexpert. She say this is the top facebook monitoring. When I contacted socialexpert, the staff advised me very carefully depending on the demands. Then I spent $ 10 for trying the facebook keyword alert tool for 1 month, following 10 groups. First, I searched groups right in the app/laptop with related keyword: graphic design, AI, photoshop, cooking studying, cake making.

brandAIgraphic design

After that, the  facebook group analytics  discoverd relevant groups have keywords I might want to monitor. My employees collected comments of customer. I contacted through customer database on facebook groups, both public and private, without admin rights. My brand was approached 15 customers. Then I increased cost for using this tool and the number of customers reaching the brand rise to 1000 within 5 months. And my company's revenue is increasing, the brand is growing stronger.

If you are also a startup like me, with low brand awareness, you should not spend too much money on advertising because this is a solution for strong financial resources company.Let’s use the facebook keyword alert tool of socialexpert which has low cost, high efficiency, suitable for small and medium companies.