Have you learned how to sell nut milk online with facebook developer tool?

Have you learned how to sell nut milk online with facebook developer tool?

On 3rd Jun 2022

Have you learned how to sell nut milk online with facebook developer tool?

When click to Google, search for the keyword "nut milk recipe", in just 0.75 seconds, 39.3 million results; or the keyword "cook your own nut milk", there are more than 8.9 million results within 0.6 seconds for mothers who want to do their own research to cook nut milk. The result showed that homemade nut milk receives the attention of many people. Nut milk is currently one of the fastest growing food groups in the world market. Business nut milk drinks will bring you an attractive source of profit. With just a capital of 3000 USD, you can build your own brand of nut milk. Use facebook developer tool to attract more users to increase profit every month.

1.Research how to use facebook developer tool to promote nut milk brand

Nut milk is milk made from natural nuts full of nutrients for the body such as: soybeans, almonds, walnuts, cashews, green beans, corn kernels, lotus seeds... . High-fat nuts such as macadamia nuts, walnuts, almonds, etc. are also used to cook nut milk with its delicious taste and outstanding nutrition. The people who trade in nut milk are usually housewives and mothers with milk. Target customers are women and children.

 If you are a newbie, but not a professional chef, in order to appear to the market of thousands of sellers today, you have to invest heavily in image promotion. In today's epidemic time, you should focus on promoting the health benefits of nut milk to attract more buyers. In addition, you should use facebook developer app tool, use the tool to get customer database, convince customers to buy directly. Applying two methods in parallel will increase brand awareness in the eyes of customers. Let's study the benefits of facebook developer social plugin tool brings to your sales.

2. Facebook developer tool help you a lot in selling process

First, focus on building online nut milk brand through fanpage because facebook is the channel that can help you connect the most customer. There are billions of Facebook users at the moment.

Then, use Facebook tool developer to monitor keywords related to nut milk such as corn milk, lotus seed milk, almonds, quinoa - millet, walnuts - black beans. After using the facebook developer program, the mentions, posts, and conservation with keywords of nut milk will appear. Find Facebook nicks who are interested in the product, send a message to introduce them to buy. This developer facebook tools explorer has a low price, up to only $300, saving you a lot of capital costs and time. It also helps you attract more buyers through direct exchanges. On the internet there are many websites that provide this tool, depending on the purpose of using, choose the right tool for your business.

3.Websites that provide facebook developer tool service

1., the best choice for using

Socialexpert provide  facebook developer account service to analyze facebook groups of consumers have demands.

-Facebook for developers in Socialexpert is great for both public and private group without admin right.

-The suitable choice for low budget companies. The price is reasonable, just from 10$-30$/month

-Alerting 100 keywords and 1000 facebook groups.

-Working in 24/7, have notification when have new post and comments.


-Facebook developer site tracking information about your brand and grow brand awareness. Using your brand name as a keyword, find conversation on social media. Find words about your product, service, or content across social and the Web to reach new customer.

-Research your market. Finding the trend of market and consumer behavior. Using Awario to understand your audience (its age, location, language) better and improve your marketing strategy.

-Research about competitors. Track and analyze different conversation, check the sentiment and reach, export custom reports frequently.

3. Brand24

- Facebook dev tools follow up on positive comments from your brand ambassadors & respond to a customer dissatisfaction before the story gets ahead of you.

-You will be used free facebook developer testing tool this in 14 days.

-The price is with $49-249/month

With the sharing in the above article will help you when trading nut milk. You can have useful experiences when starting a business, better prepare and have good investion. You should have a facebook developer account for company to have remarkable success from your business.