Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to send us an email to [email protected] if you couldn't find an answer to your question here.


What is Public and Private group?
Public Facebook groups can be found in search results by everyone. The group's content is also public, including the comments and posts by its members. The list of group members is also accessible via the internet.
A private visible group allows its members to see only posts and comments in the group as well as a list of members. However, these groups appear in Facebook search results for all users.
How do I check if facebook group is private or public?
The status of facebook group is alway display when you visit it. If it is private, it show status "private", you also cannot see any content until you join this group. The public group will show status "public" and you also can see content without join this group
Do I need to join Facebook group to monitor them?
No, you don't need join any facebook group. Our system will monitor all groups as your request. However, you should still need to join private facebook group to see their content (post/comment) if we send you alerts from those kind of facebook groups. If you don't join private facebook group, you cannot see content (post/comment) inside it.
Do I need to install anything, such as addon, app, plugin or any software?
No, you don't need install anything, we take control everthing via our website system
Is my Facebook account safe to use your service?
Absolutely, it is safe, we never use your facebook account
What information I need to provide?
When you make order, you should give us list of facebook group ID, and keyword you want to get alerts
How long does it take to get alerts?
It depend of facebook groups you want to monitor. If facebook group is public, you will get alert within 5 minutes after we approval your order. If facebook group is private, it may take longer because we need to join this group, and it depend the approval time from admin of group. As soon as admin's group accepted, you will get alert within 5 minutes.
How often you send email notification?
We send email notification as soon as our system found keyword mentioned/posted in Facebook groups. We don't have any delay to send email to you. So if our system detect any keyword mentioned/posted in groups, we will send you email.
How do I know that my Facebook group has been approval?
We will send you an email to let you know your facebook group has been approval, and you will be get email norification when the keyword has been mentioned in this group.
I want to monitor more Facebook private group, how should I do?
You can buy another agency plan or please contact us to [email protected]. We will give you the price for more Facebook Private group
Can I change group facebook or change keyword?
Yes, you can change facebook group or change keyword. Our team needs to review your keyword and group before making this change. An email will be sent to you when the change has been made


Why do I need to wait order approval?
We just want to protect our system from frauders. We need to manual review all orders, it just take from 5 minutes up to 12 hours.
Do you accept credit card?
Yes, we accept credit card, please contact us [email protected], we will give you introduction how to make payment with credit card.
Is the payment recurring?
Yes, our payment is recurring payment
Can I cancel recurring payment anytime?
Yes, you can cancel recurring payment anytime if you don't want to use our service.
Is my account plan still active if I cancel recurring payment?
Yes, it is. Your account still active with remaining the date of payment in your plan. Example, if you buy plan from 26.03.2022, and you cancel recurring payment on 13/4/2022, then your account still active until 26/4/2022
Do you have refund?
Yes, we have. We refund order within 3 days of your order. You can request refund within 3 days from the date of your order


How much you offer for your affiliate program?
We give you 30% comission from any customers you bring to us. It means that each customer buy our service from your affiliate link, you will get 30% comission.
Is it monthly/recurring comission?
Yes, as long as customers keep their account plan active, you still get 30% commision from them. It means you get 30% comission every month if customer still pay us every month. 
How long cookie active in customers browser??
We set cookie up to 90 days. So if customer click to your affiliate link and buy within 90 days, you will get comission
How do I get affliate link and how do I track my commision?
First, you register account in our website here: Then, you will be able to login your account member area, in your account dashboard, you will see the affiliate area and you can also track your comission in your account
Is there any minium payout requirement?
No, you can request payment any time you have balance in your affiliate account if you want to get paid via paypal. For payment via crypto, the minium payout is $10.
How do I get paid?
Please send us an email to [email protected] and give us payment method: paypal, crypto (bitcoin, usdt). We will send you payment within 1 - 2 business days.
Can I signup affiliate account and then I buy your service under my affiliate link??
No, this not allowed, you won't get paid if you buy your own plan account under your affiliate link.