Facebook monitoring tool - a new way to find customers for insurance consultion

Facebook monitoring tool - a new way to find customers for insurance consultion

On 13th Apr 2022

Facebook monitoring tool - a new way to find customers for insurance consultion

With the competition of the insurance market, the search for potential customers becomes more difficult. Traditional ways of finding customers have become obsolete.

For example, finding customers through relationships is only suitable for companies have been operating for a long time. It is impossible to find customers through fairs, exhibitions and seminars during the covid pandemic, where gatherings are restricted.

There is a more effective way to find customers, bring a “wonderful” number of customers. That is searching customers with the facebook monitoring tool.

How effective is this tool? Please follow the article.

1. Benefits of facebook monitoring tool in finding customers

Facebook monitoring tool is a monitoring tool through facebook group. It has many different name : facebook group tracking , facebook group insights , facebook group analytics. Tool helps you to track keywords in facebook groups.

You will use the tool to track groups related to insurance and will receive notifications  when customers comment on the service. Users of the tool will contact customers interested in insurance issues to introduce their services.

Benefits of facebook monitoring tool:

-Provide a huge customer database

-Help your company reach customers who really have demands buying insurance service.

- Low cost, high efficiency. You only need to spend 10-40$. Depending on your need, you can monitor hundreds to thousands of groups, filter more than hundreds of customer databases.

2. Some facebook monitoring tool 10$/10group/month

 Service: get idea inside, guide, communication, get alert, analytics data. The highest cost is only $30/month for monitoring 2 private groups and up to 20 open groups, track up to 100 keywords, 2000 Emails notification and Unlimited Alerts.

 -Facebook monitoring tool tracks for both public and private groups. $9/month.

  + Interestinsights help you choose from all the available interests. Facebook has all the interests. Interestinsights lets you find them. Their service: target a brand new audience, greater ROI of campaigns, more time to create ads, higher conversion rate.

-Adcostly: 39S/month. Service: queries: 20/day

Service: Interest Searches, Interest Suggestions, CPC Insight, Online

3. Which facebook monitoring tool should I choose?

Depending on your needs. Each tool has different services

If your company has strong finance, you should choose tools like Interestinsights and Adcostly. The facebook monitoring tool I mentioned support searching by interest , means searching according to the hobby of facebook users.

And if you want to save money, I recommend you choose socialexpert's facebook monitoring tool. The cost at is low, suitable for users with limited financial capital. The socialexpert tool supports searching in facebook group. You will be able to use it for free for 3 days, then if you are satisfied, you can choose a service with the price $ 10 or $ 30, can follow hundreds of thousands of facebook groups. You just spending a small amount of money and then can get many benefits. It’s so convenient!



I hope that my article can give you more knowledge about facebook monitoring tool. Don’t hesitate to choose this unique tool to connect with many customers and sell many insurance services.