Facebook group tracking tool is the best way for cosmetic companies during the covid season

Facebook group tracking tool is the best way for cosmetic companies during the covid season

On 24th May 2022

Facebook group tracking tool is the best way for cosmetic companies during the covid season

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the habit of using cosmetics. Many consumers are reducing using of makeup products because they don’t have to leave the house as much. So, to change the situation of declining sales, the cosmetics business is still being done online. Offering cosmetics through social media channels such as facebook and website is the best choice at this time. At the same time, consider using the facebook group tracking tool to find customer data on the Internet, increasing your chances of reaching more customers.

1. Facebook group tracking tool can make your cosmetics business better

Currently, due to restrictions on going out, not many people use makeup such as lipstick and loose powder. So you should redirect the business sell skin care products such as creams. You should promote your skincare products through social media. To save money in  difficult times, you should not spend thousands of dollars on online advertising. Because online advertising has many disadvantages: competition from competitors, customers skim reading your ad, making work efficiency decrease.

I think you should focus on contacting customers directly through the data collected through the Facebook group tracking tool. This tool helps you find customer information in facebook nick, then you can contact customers directly in facebook to introduce products. The cost of using this tool is only a few hundred dollars, low cost and high efficiency.

2.How to use facebook group tracking tool to find customer data

Facebook group tracking tool is a tool to find customer data in facebook group. You just need to type keywords related to the skin care products you are selling, facebook groups, mentions and conversations with keywords will appear.

1. You search for keywords about the products you want to sell. For example: acne cream, face cream, night cream, lotion for oily skin, lotion, whitening cream. Or the product names of cosmetic brands such as Dove, the Lancome, OHUI, Vichy, etc.

2. You search for facebook groups containing these keywords, add ID to the tool

3. After 24 hours, type the keywords on the facebook group tracking tool toolbar. The tool will display facebook or mentions with those keywords

4. You read mentions or posts containing those keywords. Find customers looking for skin care products. Then reply to start the conversation, start taking care of customers in messager.

Using this tool will make easier for you to have sales with customers because you interact directly.

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3.How to choose the suitable facebook group tracking tool

First of all, when you want to choose the facebook group tracking tool, you should pay attention to the following standard:

1. Which social media channel do you want to track keywords on: facebook, google, twitter,..

2. Choose the tool that fits your budget. There are many websites online that provide the service of using facebook group tracking tool with different fees and services.

3.Here are the names of some websites that provide this service for your reference

- with 10$-30$/month. Service: Monitor 10 Facebook open groups ,Track up to 30 keywords ,500 Emails notification/month, Unlimited Alerts.

-Brand24 with $49-249/month. Service: 3 keywords, 2K mentions / mo, 1 user, Update every 12h

-Semrush with 119$-449$. Service: 40 projects ,5,000 keywords to track ,10,000 reports per , API Access, White Label reports, Extended Limits & Sharing Options, 3rd Party Data Importation and more

-Hootsuite with the price 49$-129$. Service: 3 users , 20 social accounts, schedule unlimited posts , access messages in one inbox.

Businesses will be less dependent on tradititonal stores and more influenced by their own websites, as well as sales channels on Facebook or Instagram. The important thing is that you need to expand the customer's shopping experience, collect customer data through facebook group tracking tool, communicate directly in facebook to promote online cosmetic purchases.