Developing your selling food online by monitoring facebook keyword tool

Developing your selling food online by monitoring facebook keyword tool

On 29th Apr 2022

Developing your selling food online by monitoring facebook keyword tool 

Online clean food selling is a potential industry and many opportunities for you to develop. If you want to sell clean food online but don't know where to start, I will suggest to help you to be easier when starting a business. If you are just starting an online clean food selling with a small capital, focus on the monitoring facebook keyword tool, a tool to help you develop your business through social networks

1. Developing your business through monitoring facebook keyword tool 

Food is often difficult to be preserved and can’t be fresh and delicous in long time. Especially clean food without preservatives. If you open a grocery store, you often have trouble in inventory. Also, you will spend cost of space rental. Selling food through fanpage is the most effective way because more than 1 billion people are using facebook and users rise every days. Developing a business through fanpage will help you save a lot of money, and increase your chances of reaching many potential customers.

However, selling through social networks has a disadvantage that customers cannot try the product like they buy at a supermarket or at a market, so customers hesitate  when buying food online. To reach more customers, you should search and communicate directly with customers through facebook to convince them to buy your food . Don't forget to use the monitoring facebook keyword tool  to help you find customer information and approach customers more conveniently.

2. Monitoring facebook keyword tool brings many positive results for your food selling online

Monitoring facebook keyword tool has many name: : facebook keyword alert tool , Facebook monitoring tool , facebook advanced search tools , facebook group admin tool , Facebook group analytics tool, facebook group insights tool 

- Monitoring facebook keyword tool helps you to track facebook groups  with your  keywords, posts, comments about food, customer needs, reviews of competitors' brands, feedback from customers about the quality of your clean food.

 -Every time there is a new comment or post in the group, the tool will notify. You should follow and filter out the facebook nicks have demands, make friends with those potential customers, then send information about category of food you are selling, send the website link and fanpage to sell clean food online. And the sales rate will increase.

-The price of monitoring facebook keyword tool is very low, from 10$ to 200$/month. You can track unlimited facebook groups and keyword

3. Some Monitoring facebook keyword tool you can use

There are two types of monitoring facebook keyword tool:

-Alerting keywords in interest:

+Interestinsights for 9$/month

+ Adtargeting with the price 33$/month.

- Alerting keywords by facebook group:

+Awario  with $49.5/month

+Socialexpert  with 10$/month

When to use monitoring facebook keyword tool, follow steps:

Step 1: Finding keywords by google and facebook groups related to food.

Step 2: Before starting to use the tool. Let's add groups that contains the keywords you want to track.

add group

Step 3: After 24 hours, type the keywords on the toolbar, you will see facebook groups containing the keywords appear.


I wish you success with your online clean food business plan. Don't forget to use the monitoring facebook keyword tool to attract more customers, sell more products and earn a lot of profit.