D2c marketing with keyword tracking facebook group is solution for fashion shop owers

D2c marketing with keyword tracking facebook group is solution for fashion shop owers

On 23rd May 2022

D2c marketing with keyword tracking facebook group is solution for fashion shop owers

The COVID-19 pandemic is still having a strong impact on the entire economy. The fashion industry cannot avoid being severely affected. Without customers, the source of goods is scarce, leading to a decrease in sales. There have been many fashion stores had to close their store. However, in the different face of difficulties, challenges are always opportunities. If you know how to apply d2c marketing with keyword tracking facebook group, fashion shops can still turn threats into opportunities.

1. How d2c marketing solution with tracking facebook group can save fashion selling

In order to ensure the safety of themselves and comply with the order of isolation and social distancing, most consumers avoid going out or going to crowded places. As a result, shopping stores, especially fashion stores, fell into a state of serious lack of customers. Some stores even had to post the notice "Return of land" and closed completely. In the past, when there was no epidemic, these clothing stores were always crowded. Besides difficulties, challenges are always opportunities for shop owners to turn up and change the situation with online sales solutions. In parallel with the online business, many shop owners use d2c marketing method, is directly contacting with  customers to convince them to buy, for the opportunity to increase revenue. This method is different from traditional marketing is no need to directly interact with customers through intermediaries, which is both easy and convenient. To do d2c marketing smoothly, you should collect customer data with tracking facebook group. This method helps many shop owners save costs and increase revenue.

2. Use the tracking facebook group tool to support your d2c marketing campaign

If you want to contact customers directly in facebook nick, you must have customer data. To collect the customer's facebook nick, it is necessary to use the tracking facebook group tool. This tool helps you to track facebook group, mention have “fashion” keyword. You can follow those mention and find customer really want to buy clothes, pants. After that, you note your facebook nick and contact with customer directly through messager which called d2c marketing.

You should use tool of Socialexpert to support for d2c marketing. Socialexpert is the best tracking facebook group tool which is used most all over the world. Using tool in Social expert brings many advantages for you:

-You will be free in 3 days. After that, you just have to pay 10$-20$/month

-The tool works 24/7 and have notification when have new mention.

-You don't have to provide admin right.

-You can alert thousands of facebook groups, 100 keywords.



3. The ways using tracking facebook group tool to collect customer data for d2c marketing

1. Choose the price in

2. Register your plan and click summit. Provide information in blank area, consist of: facebook group link, keyword you want to alert, your contact and payment.

3. Your facebook groups have keywords will be added to the tool

4. You sign in to the account, type keyword in the tool bar, you will see comment and post in facebook group you added.

5. You collect facebook nick to take d2c marketing strategy

In order to have long-term revenue stability, not only during this COVID-19 season, why have fashion shop owners not yet searched for and immediately applied effective d2c marketing solution? You can completely transform your business become better even in  the epidemic is spreading  seriously in this period.