Causes of unsuccessful real estate sales and how to improve by facebook group alert tool

Causes of unsuccessful real estate sales and how to improve by facebook group alert tool

On 9th Apr 2022

Causes of unsuccessful real estate sales and how to improve by facebook group alert tool.

You are an real estate agent or a business wants to sell potential real estate projects. During the  difficult epidemic, the number of customers who want to rent or buy real estate is reducing. Do you want to improve your revenue?  Let’s think about  reasons  below that make the process of renting or selling real estate become difficult.

1. Traditional methods make you more difficult to hire out or sell real estate than using facebook group alert tool

1. Post information about real estate in online websites

+ Competition is high because the number of daily postings on the website is very large.

+ Negligible and wrong postings make customers to lose trust.

+If you only post for free, your posting time will be limited, so it is difficult to attract customers. If you want your post to display unlimited time posts and stick on the front page, you have to pay a fee.

2. Email marketing

+Email dropped into Spam folder and ignored

+ Sending emails to a large number of customers but not potential customers, leading to high bounce rates, inefficiency, and high costs.

3. Advertising in the form of traditional online marketing

Making website, advertising on facebook, youtube, ...

+ To attract customers, your video or post must have great views. The cost of building a website and advertising can be very high, but it is not effective if you don’t  have experience in running ads.

+ The advertisings from competitors are large and maybe better than you.

4.Telemarketing-Buy data and sales in phone calls

+Costly training employees.

+ Spending time approaching customers who have no demands to make them feel frustrated because they are bothered.

Therefore, to improve sales results, you should not focus a lot of money on traditional methods of reaching customers. Let's move on to a new way of reaching customers. That is using facebook group alert tool to collect facebook data of customers who really need it, leading to a higher rate of sales.

2.Socialexpert  will help you improve your sales by using facebook group alert tool

Facebook group alert tool has many different name : facebook monitoring tool  , facebook group tracking , facebook group insights , facebook group analytics. Tool helps you to track keywords via facebook groups.

First, the socialexpert staff will advise you according to your needs based on financial factors, number of groups, number of keywords related to real estate :  houses for sale, houses for rent, garden villas, townhouses.

You can use facebook group alert tool of to find the keywords you are interested in and which groups appear most often. Getting the IDs of all members in those groups, use those facebook nicks to contact customers and send informations about your projects estate. I sure that success rate will be higher.

The facebook group alert tool will save you more time and money than other traditional methods of reaching customers. You just need to spend a little money and time to follow up with customers, you will succeed.

house apartment

3. Why is the facebook group alert tool at was chosen by many people?

Many people interested in the facebook group alert tool at socialexpert because of many reasons:

-Various services: get idea inside, guide, communication, get alert, analytics data. Supporting in many different areas.

-Low cost: you will be used tool  free after 3 days. Then if you feel satisfied, you just need to spend 10$/10group/month for tracking 30 keywords, 500 Email notifications/mon, unlimited alerts. The highest cost is only $30/month for monitoring 2 private groups and up to 20 open groups, track up to 100 keywords, 2000 Emails notification and Unlimited Alerts.

-Supporting always public group  and private group without admin rights.

-Customize your reports and get insights into the metrics that matter: the health of your customer base and how it affects your business.

Try changing to use facebook group alert tool at to reach more potential customers. Come to now to achieve more success.