Business handmade products online with facebook keyword tool to earn extra income during the covid epidemic

Business handmade products online with facebook keyword tool to earn extra income during the covid epidemic

On 31st May 2022

Business handmade products online with facebook keyword tool to earn extra income during the covid epidemic

The covid epidemic has caused many companies to fall into difficulties and many people lost their jobs. To earn more income this covid season, many young people have turned to the strategy of making handmade products to sell in their countries and abroad. If you are a skillful person, making crafts is an opportunity should not be missed. Focus on selling handmade products online and use keyword search facebook tool to get a lot of customers. This is one of the ways to earn money with very little capital.

1. Attracting a lot of customers with facebook keyword tool when selling handmade goods online

First, to sell a lot of goods, you should create a unique and strange for your product, making differences from industrial goods - hundreds, thousands of similar samples. A unique, creating product will make many people want to buy, create chances to earn more money easily.

Paying attention to handmade items that are easy to make and sell:

-Online snacks food: such as chicken jerky, beef jerky, fruit jam, confectionery or other regional specialties you want to sell.

-Embroidery products: especially face masks, bow ties, hair clips, headbands.

-Souvenirs such as paintings, notebooks, scarves, vases made from wax or rolls of wool.

-100% natural handmade soap: The demand for all-natural skin care products is gradually becoming popular in recent years. According to statistics, in 2021, the most popular item is handmade soap. With safe beauty uses, mild fragrance, no chemicals, it becomes a best choice of women. They are intersing because  their safety, so they are becoming more and more popular. However, when doing this, you must have knowledge of chemistry or knowledge of skin safety.

In addition, when expanding online sales, you should use the facebook marketplace keyword tool  to search for data of potential customers.

2. Why is facebook keyword tool is important for online handmade business?

-Increasing opportunities to reach customers: facebook keyword search tool get customer database like facebook nick, comment or post. By communicating directly with customers, you will have more chances to convince them to use your product.

-Save a lot of costs: with prices from only a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. The price is much cheaper than online advertising through google and facebook, which spend costs thousands of dollars and does not reach many customers because many people just skim your facebook.

-The facebook audience keywords tool has many functions: 24/7 operation, alert many facebook groups.

- Reporting & analytics: For all data collected, you can use for developing your marketing strategies . Automatic tool helps you to organize all the data and design the reports.

3.How to track facebook group with facebook keyword tool ?

I will instruct you using keyword generator for facebook in Socialexpert website. The price in is from 10$-20$, you can use free facebook keyword tool in 3days.

Step 1: Sign in your account

To start facebook group tracking with , you need to connect your account.

Step 2: Set up a tracking keyword

Now you need to use the tool bar with all the keywords you want to track.

Step 3: Working with the data

After 24 hours, facebook keyword analysis is up and running. Let's watch at the most recent posts, comments. If you see any nick facebook talk about products, let's contact them and take conversation

This article shares the experience of selling handmade goods online to adapt the needs of the market. Let use quickly  facebook keyword research tool to have the opportunity to increase income. Hope you can overcome the difficulties of covid season soon.