Breakthrough revenue for medicine selling with facebook advanced search tool

Breakthrough revenue for medicine selling with facebook advanced search tool

On 21st Apr 2022

Breakthrough revenue for medicine selling with facebook advanced search tool

Many pharmacy  stores was not interested in connecting customers through fanpage.  Billions people all over the world use Facebook. Hundreds of medicine companies spend hundred thousand dollars on Facebook ads to sell products. It is not good if you don’t focus on creating fanpage, taking care of customers in facebook. When connecting with customers in facebook, you can take care of them, interact, make friends and advise them, bring in a large and stable revenue source.

To search more customer information in facebook, let’s use facebook advanced search tool.

1. Use facebook advanced search tool to attract more customers to your pharmacy

To get the support of many customers, you must sell drugs to the right audience, to the right type, to the right price, to the right place. You should focus on the health of your customers, advise and sell products to satisfy their demands.

Facebook advanced search tool has many names: facebook keyword alert tool, facebook group insights, facebook group analytics, Facebook monitoring tool, facebook developer tools.

With the facebook advanced search tool, you can track facebook groups  with keywords related to diseases or drugs, along with customer information on that group, such as comments, or posts. From database, you can know the real demands of customers, can give advice and sell suitable products.

Focusing on the content sent to customers and consulting skills in messeger. After knowing the real demand of customers, pay attention to advise effective drugs for the disease problem. Customers will have more sympathy and will come to your pharmacy more and more.

2. Trying the following facebook advanced search tool:


-Facebook advanced search tool supports in facebook groups.

-The price: you will spend 3 days for

free. After that, depending on your purpose, you can choose 10$/10 groups/month or 30$/month.

-To increase effectiveness, reduce risk, staffs will consult suitable service for you.

-You don't need to provide facebook account information and you can follow both open group and private group.

-You will receive analysis reports.




-Price: 49$/month

-Follow comments and posts about your products for you can respond bad review and improve attitude of customer.

-Give analysis report clearly.

-Notify when have conversation about your company.


-Price: 9$/month

-Supporting alert keywords through interest of facebook.

-Searching 1000 interest  related to keywords.

-Compare keywords or interest for choosing the best suitable with products,

3. Which facebook advanced search tool should I use?

If you are a large medicine company, or a large corporation like Pharmarcity, you should choose facebook advanced search tool in Brand 24. Because their price of this website is high, 49$/month. This website are suitable for people have good finance conditions.

If you only have a small pharmacy store with limited budget, choose and The price of 2 websites  is very cheap, only from 9S- 10$/month. Let’s focus on service which is suitable with your demands. Socialexpert supports alert keyword in facebook groups, tracks keywords by interest and hobby in facebook.

Don't  hesitate and choose the facebook advanced search tool to increase the fame of your drug store brand. Please share this article for anyone who wants to learn.